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Subject: Customs Overtime Money

RE: Costing Rudy Camacho $100,000.00 - When Deleted was the union steward at DELETED from 1989 to 1990 Deleted filed a grievance on behalf of the inspectors for the TDY money they were owed under 5USC and the union contract. 

Rappaport was under the impression that he could not only change the status of Tecate as a full time permanent port but that he could also negate the provisions of the laws governing the requirement to pay per diem and mileage to TDY personnel. 

Deleted did not file the grievance until after meeting with Rappaport (and 7 or 8 of his cronies) in the presence of Lorrie Grey of NTEU (what a useless idiot) and Joel Walker. 

Once Rappaport reneged on his agreement to discuss the issues of paying the inspectors and/or converting the port back to full time permanent, I then proceeded to file the grievance. The meeting was at the end of July of 1990, Deleted filed in August. In September Deleted got a call from Anchorage offering me a job. Nice timing, eh? The Gas Hidro truck was seized on October 4th 1990 and Rappaport resigned in November 1990. Busy couple of months. 

A year after I got to DELETED I called the NTEU union attorney Lorrie Grey and asked her how the grievance was going and her reply was a big, fat "Huh?". Deleted had made copies of the grievance and all relevant documents before Deleted left and forwarded a set of copies to her. Sometime later Lorrie Grey called back and said something to the effect of "Gee, I guess this one fell through the cracks". 

It must have been another six months or so of "no information" that I called again and got the same old run around. I sent a second set of copies. 

In March or April of 1992, while at Deleted for training, Deleted sent a travel voucher for $10,000 to Rudy Camacho. Camacho declined to pay, but with his signature, Deleted now had proof that Camacho was aware of the situation as of that date and it became his scam from that point on. More stalling by management. 

Finally in 1994, Deleted contacted a lawyer locally who suggested that I start a series of letters to the Union requesting information using return receipts to document that the Union was refusing to co-operate. I did so. 

After a few months I had a big enough pile of return receipts to prove a pattern of refusal to co-operate and a letter from Robert Tobias stating that the Union would "...not be answering my interrogatories as they serve no purpose.". 

I then filed an unfair labor practice suit with the Federal Labor Relations Board against the Union. Eventually a ruling by the FLRB was that the Union was not at fault as there is no section of law requiring a "Federal Personnel Representation Organization" to actually do anything. What an "eye opener". 

Turns out that the National Treasury Employees Union isn't really a union afterall. Presenting themselves as one falls under the dictionary definition of fraud. 

Anyway, the Union was feeling so much heat at this point that they convinced Rudy Camacho, in the spirit of the "partnership agreement" to resolve the matter before the Union got sued for fraud. 

Rudy proposed a flat $30,000 settlement to be split evenly. It was rejected by all concerned. The NTEU Union, via a guy named Krakoff, contacted Deleted and told Deleted that they wanted to send a "survey" to all the affected Customs inspectors to get an idea of what would be a fair settlement. 

Krakoff sent Deleted a copy of the survey to review, and as it looked ok as a source of information for the union's use, Deleted ok'ed it. 

The next thing Deleted knew, the NTEU Union and Camacho have agreed to pay on the basis of the surveys returned, on a "take it or leave it" basis, with conversion of Tecate to a full time permanent port to sweeten the pot. 

You can imagine the stampede of takers. The only problem with the agreement is the "no challenges" provision. 

The survey was fine as a ball park figure but it was worded in a way that it was easy to give one way mileage figures and not round trip. So.........., some people got screwed right off the bat. Even so, the payout was a little under $100,000 with the R&R station status of Tecate over, so most (particulary the inspectors from San Ysidro) making out far better than they would have otherwise. 

Meanwhile, Deleted's check shows up for a little under $700 and I know right off I'm being screwed right into the ground. I got three others who got settlements who lived in my part of town (deleted) to tell me what they got and guess what? They all got full settlement based on their mileage. 

One Customs Inspector had been at Tecate for six months and got around $750, another inspector one had been there for a year and got around $1500, the last Customs inspector was there two years and got around $5000 (he lived farther away, in Deleted ). This settlement regarding travel pay was in December of 1996. 

Deleted spent from January of 1997 to March of 1999 trying to get Customs to tell me how they computed Deleted settlement via four FOIA's and Congressional intercession. 

In March 1999 Deleted got a letter from Customs payroll stating that they didn't (GAO accounting requirements aside) keep records of how they paid out almost $100,000 of the taxpayers money. Customs payroll suggested Deleted contact the NTEU. As if NTEU had any authority to issue checks to anyone. What they had done was release enough information to me so that Deleted could piece together who had been paid and what the final figure was. 

So, Deleted was obviously screwed with malious and aforethought, and there wasn't anything Deleted could do about it. 

By the way, the numbers are pretty interesting in themselves as the law allows a CMC Director to make settlement on tort claims up to $25,000 on his own initative,and up to $300,000 with headquarters approval. 

Once settlements hit the magic number of $300,000.00, the claim must be referred to the Justice Department. 

Appears that Camacho was real anxious to keep the figure down to something his buddies at Customs HQ could deal with out of petty cash. No out of town I.A. snoops asking embarassing questions that might lead to other things. 

By the way, Deleted was in Deleted back in 1997, about six months after the settlement, and Deleted asked the Customs inspectors how they like the settlement. By in large they were not too communicative until Deleted basically called them a bunch of ungrateful "adam henry's". (A.H's) 

It was then that Deleted found out that the NTEU Union had been very careful to not mention any involvement of anyone outside the Union. The guys had no idea of what it had taken to get the settlement or why the port of Deleted was changed back to full time permanent. What an organization! As the guy on the radio says, "That's the rest of the story". 

By a loyal Customs employee...

And Another Letter:

Mr. Carman,

In light of the
Promis/Inslaw articles in Insight Magazine recently , I would like to suggest the possibility of Promis connection to some of your favorite personalities. 

As you may be aware the TECS I program was installed in the early to mid 1980s at the US Customs computer center when it was in San Diego under the direction of Mr. Alan J. Rappaport. 

Mr. Rappoport was a computer specialist in Washington DC at the time a Mr. Peter Videnieks was contracting officer for Customs charged with obtaining and installing computer systems. 

Mr. Mike Lane (later acting Commissioner, etc.) was also a computer specialist in Washington with Customs at the time. From what I've read about the Promis program it sounds like a clone of what eventually became TECS II. 

What better enviroment to test a program like Promis than at the border, with thousands of entries daily? 

At any rate, with a crew like this anything is possible. It does lead one to speculate as to the difficulty of establishing a remote station for the TECS system in a place like Rancho Tecate if the initial installer were corrupt (like Alan J. Rappaport or Mike Lane)? 

What would the "AFO" Arellano Felix Organization or Caro-Quintero organizations (not to speak of the Mexican government or the Hank-Rhon/Allesio families) pay well for such a service? The advantages of such access are obvious. Anyway, any comments will be appreciated. 

Signed, Deleted 

Rudy Camacho is NOT who you think he is.

Camacho is also a named defendant in my civil rights lawsuit. ( 00CV1215 JM

Camacho violated my First Amendment Rights back in 1994 for talking to
another retired Customs employee. I was also "ordered" not to talk to this
retired employee. No reason was given except that if I talked to this
employee, it was assumed I was talking to the NEWSMEDIA. Why do you think
Camacho wants to prevent a Customs employee from talking to the newsmedia???

Camacho also retaliated against me for whistleblowing.

I was the one that exposed the 60 Minute story after they aired the piece
back in April 1997 or so. Shortly thereafter, I was fired on June 19, 1997.
I had previously interviewed  with Mike Wallace for about 3 1/2 hours in
April 1997 on some other issues.

I was the one that exposed sensitive information regarding the 60 Minute
story and the illegal activity.

Customs tried to target me into silence for coming forward. I should have
been rewarded for what I did. I came forward and contacted internal affairs
agents and I told the truth and assisted in a sensitive investigation to
clear Camacho on those specific false charges. I'll bet you didn't know
that. That  is apparently a well kept secret of internal affairs. They do
not wish to reward a whistleblower for even helping clear their own Customs
manager's names.

I even received a call from Camacho's "private" attorney back in April or
May of 1999 by the name of Carlton Briggs (703)523-2251  who called me on my
"unlisted and private" number to discuss what I knew about the case. I did
NOT give my number to Briggs. After I explained the retaliation that Camacho
initiated against me, Mr. Briggs did NOT wish to talk to me any further. Why
is that?

Shortly thereafter I was further retaliated against by Customs Internal
Affairs agents on June 16, 1999 after I had talked to local FBI agents
regarding another sensitive Customs corruption investigation. Me and my 13
year old daughter's rights were then violated on June 16, 1999 as a result
of a "bogus" traffic stop by La Mesa P.D. and two Customs internal affairs
agents at the request of Customs supervisors and internal affairs officials.
They lost that case. That was further harassment.

Camacho has also been caught issuing special yellow laminated "bypass"
cards, with CAMACHO'S  signature on them, to close and personal Latin
friends who cross the border so that they can be given "special courtesies".
I have personally seen these cards and am aware of these cards being seized
with "currency and narcotics" violators at the Tijuana border crossing in
San Ysidro. Customs Supervisors are instructed to "seize" or "pick up" these
cards whenever they are encountered during a Customs seizure of any kind.
They are also instructed to notify Camacho's office immediately to notify
him of the circumstances.

This practice of using these yellow laminated "bypass" cards was previously
used by former Customs Director Alan J. Rappoport who resigned suddenly
after finding out he was under investigation by the Treasury OIG back in
November 1990. This was less than 20 days after the largest cocaine seizure
at Otay Mesa on or about October 4, 1990.

These bypass cards are not allowed and there is NO DIRECTIVE from Customs
Headquarters that allows them or their existence.

Case: 00CV1215 JM-(LSP)  Carman vs. Fuentes et al...


It has just been learned that Customs Special Agent Ricardo Sandoval has
finally received his final check for the $200,000 damages regarding his 1st
lawsuit against U.S. Customs which was decided back on or about May 14,
1998. The U.S. Treasury check was hand delivered by a special courier and
signed for on or about May 11, 2001 and cleared on May 21, 2001.

Sandoval and his attorney's are now working on lawsuit number #2 for

Shortly thereafter Sandoval has had to withstand "extra" special
psychological evaluations by Customs doctors with regards to his second
lawsuit against U.S. Customs regarding the retaliation he has suffered.

Now enter the false allegations by U.S. Customs through the NFC (National
Finance Center) that Ricardo Sandoval forgot to pay taxes on $20,000 last
year.(In fiscal year 2000, just prior to the final payment by Treasury in
May 2001) When Sandoval challenged this false allegation and submitted the
appropriate paperwork and receipts, the NFC quickly dismissed the audit. One
NFC official was quoted as saying, "Customs is just retaliating against

Special Note: Customs tried the same tactic on former Customs employee John
Carman in the year 2000 and it didn't work either. U.S. Customs couldn't
provide the 10-99's to show they had paid a salary to John Carman.

Now Customs is ordering "extra" special physical and psychological
evaluations against Sandoval to try and prove some other reason for his
stress. Sandoval is just short of his retirement by about a couple of years.
The harassment never stops! One government doctor hired by U.S. Customs to
evaluate special agent Sandoval also made a comment, "Customs is just
F***ing with you!"

Sandoval is also being ordered to respond to "special" depositions by U.S.
Customs attorneys and answer questions put to him. Further harassment.

When is this retaliation going to stop!?

How many millions of taxpayers dollars and lawsuits will it take before
corrupt U.S. Customs managers will learn that you can NOT retaliate against
people for doing their jobs and reporting government corruption?

I hope the "new" Customs Commissioner takes a hard look at these serious
issues and makes some positive changes.

If not, Customs is going to have to deal with another case of retaliation
called: Carman vs. Fuentes, et al case number  00CV1215 JM (LSP)   which is
currently at the beginning stages in the Southern California District Court
in San Diego. A potential jury trial is set for April 16, 2002.

More to come.........


John Carman

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Former Customs Internal Affairs Assistant Commissioner Homer J. Williams
will go on trial as scheduled starting Tuesday February 27, 2001 in Federal
Court in the Southern District of California in San Diego.

"Secret" Indictment & Arrest Warrant

Note: (Ongoing Case we covered earlier this year: Customs official faces perjury counts )

Case: 00CR1890-H USA vs Homer J. Williams. (1) (B)
Jury Trial (1st Day)

Indictment 2 Counts: 18 USC 1001 and 18 USC 1621

This case involves the Obstruction of Justice and tampering with a federal
investigation regarding a female Customs agent who was providing sensitive
information on a variety of high level narcotic cases to her defense
attorney "boyfriend" by using her TECS access at work to do research on
these defendants and their current narcotics cases. The defendant is
"alleged" to have disclosed information about the sensitive investigation
that was ongoing against this female Customs agent by an "outside" law
enforcement agency in San Diego. The defendant has publicly admitted that he
had a personal relationship with this female Customs agent.

This will be the first time a high ranking Customs official has ever been
indicted and tried for a serious criminal offense regarding the compromised
integrity of the Customs Internal Affairs Office. The defendant has also
been responsible for "targeting" and "retaliating" numerous Customs
whistleblowers in the past.

Updates to follow.

For all those interested, the trial will be in the Federal Court House at
880 Front Street downtown San Diego, Ca. 92101. The nearest cross street is
Broadway at 880 Front street.

The Presiding Judge will be the Honorable Judge Marilyn L. Huff Courtroom
1-Fourth Floor.

Courtesy of John Carman

John Hensley News Followup:

The following excerpt is taken from page 5 of the statement read by ASAIC (Assistant Special Agent in Charge) U.S. Customs in Los Angeles, California, William Gately, which was before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources.

ASAIC William Gately worked directly under the Los Angeles SAIC (Special Agent in Charge) of U.S. Customs John Hensley.

ASAIC Gately had been running the largest undercover money laundering operation ever conducted by any agency in the U.S. history, "Operation Casablanca".

On page five of this statement Gately states:

"Beginning in the fall of 1997, Mr. John Hensley leaked information about "Operation Casablanca". At a law enforcement conference in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Hensley provided information about this undercover operation to a network news executive.

Later in the investigation, Mr. Hensley invited several congressional staff representatives to Los Angeles to be briefed in a major undercover money laundering investigation. Upon their arrival, he not only "paraded" them through the undercover offsite, which housed the (REDACTED) Task Force, he took them to the audio and video monitoring station of the undercover storefront, (REDACTED)."

On page seven of this statement Mr. Gately further states, "During my meeting with the Commissioner of Customs, I requested an official document which reports the findings of the Customs Internal Affairs investigation related to Mr. Hensley's false and malicious accusation. To this day, I have received no official response from any Customs Service Officer in regards to any of the topics I discussed with the Commissioner."

This compromising of a major undercover money laundering operation by Customs SAIC John Hensley took place during the same time that a large rail operation/narcotics investigation was up and running in the Los Angeles area. Both "Operation Casablanca" and this rail investigation were directed towards many of the same subjects in the Arellano-Felix Cartel. This railroad operation/narcotics investigation involved the previous seizure of 8 thousand pounds of marijuana and 34 kilos of cocaine concealed in a pressurized rail tanker car. Special Note: This rail project/narcotics investigation was also "torpedoed" by Customs SAIC John Hensley according to reliable inside sources and Customs agents.

In a soon to be released book, called: "U.S. Customs, Badge of Dishonor", author Darlene Fitzgerald Catalan (former federal agent) reveals the thrilling and accurate story of how the Customs Agents who became whistleblowers, regarding these allegations of corruption and other issues, became targets of phony Customs Internal Affairs investigations, as well as endured threats, intimidation, and harassment.

Also included in this very exciting book is yours truly, John Carman, former U.S. Customs. I highly recommend it to all those who work in law enforcement, and especially along the U.S./Mexican Border.

"U.S. Customs Overflight List" by John H. Heinrich, District Director.

Disclaimer: The attached document is a copy of the original overflight list found at the U.S. Customs Service Airport/Seaport office in San Diego back in January 1994 and was subsequently turned over to Customs supervisors and the San Diego Customs CMC Director Rudy M. Camacho who Click on this image to ENLARGE determined it to be an "Illegal list" and that it could NOT be utilized. Customs Internal Affairs was also notified by John Carman with no results. The names on the list have been cross checked by INS officials and NONE of the names have passports or documents to enter or remain in the United States. The names were also checked with other U.S. intelligence sources to determine their connection to the U.S. officials. It "appears" that some of the names are compiled of Mexican government officials or Mexican cartel members and their families.

The list also does not specify ANY Customs or U.S. Immigration checks or inspection will be done. Only a Customs Commissioner, in conjunction with Immigration & Naturalization Service officials can authorize "special" over flight exemptions under the Federal Code of Regulations. All persons entering the United States are subject to inspection and must report for Customs inspection and to declare their citizenship to a qualified INS official or cross designated Customs official. Ref: 19 USC 482, 19 USC 1581, 49 USC 1509, 19 USC 1644, 19 CFR 6.10, 19 USC 1582, 1496, 1499, 1467, 19 CFR 162.5.

The overflight list has been determined to be illegal by "several" high ranking Customs officials and nothing has been done to correct this issue to this day. There are allegations that bribery money may have been paid to maintain certain names on this "illegal list".

~ John Carman

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