The practice of some businesses of hiring illegal immigrants for cheap labor has reached the crisis
 level. Both law abiding businesses and the American worker and taxpayer are the victims. Now you can turn
 in these rats and under federal "whistle blower laws"receive a percentage of the back taxes collected from these cheaters avoiding their withholding taxes.

 Remember when you call to provide all the information needed :  Employer name, address, type of business,
 and your estimate of the extent of the tax avoidance.
If any of you have had former employers you knew or suspected of this practice, here's your chance to really let them have it .  No business should be getting away with this crime.  Not only do they boost their profits illegally, the taxes they avoid have to be made up on those of us who file honestly, or who can't even qualify to file.
Call the numbers given below and report your suspicions today. Be sure to inquire about the kind of  reward you'll may be eligible for.
Step One
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Investigations
and Fraud National Hotline 1-800-829-0433.
Call the IRS to report the employers hiring the illegal immigrants as well as the illegals themselves. Both are guilty of tax law violations. The IRS has many more investigative agents than the INS. Often  they will take action first, then report their findings to the INS, who will do the deportation work. The employer will be fined by both the IRS and the INS.
Step Two.
 Immigration and Naturalization Service Investigative
 Office telephone listing. These are the numbers to
 call to report employers you suspect are employing
 illegal immigrants. You may also report immigrants
 themselves if you believe they are in the country
 illegally, whether they are working or not. You should
 have the address of each suspected violator at a
 minimum, and as much additional information as you can
 obtain. The more information you provide the INS the
 more likely it is they will take action and the
 faster it will be taken.
INS Office Telephone Numbers For Geographic Region
1-800-375-5283 National Service Center. Use to request numbers for areas not listed.

 (201) 645-2240 Newark office, for New Jersey
 (205) 591-0920 Birmingham office, for Alabama
 (206) 553-7915 Seattle office, for Washington (also 553-5948)
 (207) 780-3440 Portland office, for Maine
 (208) 334-1824 Boise office, for Idaho
 (210) 967-7035 San Antonio office, for Southern Texas
 (212) 264-5923 New York office, for Southern New York
 (214) 905-5807 Dallas office, for Eastern Texas
 (215) 656-7195 Philadelphia office, for Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware
 (216) 522-4774 Cleveland office, for Northern Ohio
 (303) 371-5028 Denver office, for Colorado
 (305) 762-3610 Miami office, for Southern Florida
 (307) 772-2040 Cheyenne office, for Wyoming
 (312) 353-4465 Chicago office, for Illinois
 (313) 568-6042 Detroit office, for Michigan
 (314) 539-2538 St. Louis office, for Missouri
 (317) 226-6202 Indianapolis office, for Indiana
 (319) 364-3280 Cedar Rapids office, for Iowa
 (401) 528-5532 Providence office, for Rhode Island (also 528-5545)
 (402) 697-9154 Omaha office, for Nebraska (extension 627)
 (404) 730-2841 Atlanta office, for Georgia (extension 346)
 (405) 231-4595 Oklahoma City office, for Oklahoma
 (406) 449-3991 Helena office, for Montana
 (407) 855-4418 Orlando office, for Eastern Florida
 (410) 962-7449 Baltimore office, for Maryland
 (412) 395-4463 Pittsburgh office, for Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia
 (414) 297-1571 Milwaukee office, for Wisconsin
 (415) 705-1251 San Francisco office, for Central California
 (501) 646-4722 Ft. Smith office, for Western Arkansas
 (502) 582-6953 Louisville office, for Kentucky
 (503) 326-7475 Portland office, for Oregon
 (504) 589-4120 New Orleans office, for Louisiana
 (505) 248-7352 Albuquerque, for New Mexico (extension 124)
 (513) 684-2412 Cincinnati office, for Southern Ohio
 (518) 431-0325 Albany office, for Central New York
 (601) 965-5878 Jackson office, for Mississippi
 (602) 379-3116 Phoenix office, for Arizona
 (603) 625-5276 Manchester office, for New Hampshire
 (612) 313-9040 Bloomington office, for Minnesota,North Dakota and South Dakota
 (617) 565-3100 Boston office, for Massachusetts
 (619) 557-6011 San Diego office, for Southern California
 (702) 388-6414 Las Vegas office, for Nevada
 (703) 578-4901 Washington office, for District of Columbia and Northern Virginia
 (704) 672-6938 Charlotte office, for North Carolina
 (716) 551-4741 Buffalo office, for Western New York(extension 5500)
 (757) 858-7502 Norfolk office, for Southern Virginia
 (801) 265-0136 Salt Lake City office, for Utah
 (802) 527-3191 St. Albans office, for Vermont
 (803) 727-4422 Charleston office, for South Carolina
 (813) 288-1226 Tampa Bay office, for Central Florida
 (816) 891-8350 Kansas City office, for Kansas
 (860) 240-3346 Hartford office, for Connecticut
 (901) 544-0256 Memphis office, for Tennessee and Eastern Arkansas (extension 136)
 (907) 474-1025 Fairbanks office, for Alaska
 (915) 540-1736 El Paso office, for Western Texas and Eastern New Mexico
Note:Two offices that will only take complaints of illegal
 immigrants in writing:
South Central Florida Area  INS  4360 North Lake
 Blvd., Suite 107  West Palm Beach, FL 33410
   Northeastern Florida Area INS P.O. Box 35029
 Jacksonville, FL 32302 Attn: Investigations