Corruption on the Border
"Customs Permit Required"

This story was recently passed along to the staff of by U.S. Customs and Canadian officials along the northern border.

I have recently learned that there are more than a dozen "unofficial" entry points along the Canadian-U.S. border that exist from as far west as Washington and as far east as Maine, USA. These entry points are NOT staffed by U.S. Federal Agents from either the U.S. Customs Service or the INS or Border Patrol.

 The photos shown here depict a "privately owned" gated entrance into the U.S. from Canada near St. Zachrie, Canada. (As you can see there is no one standing outside to prevent these lumber trucks from entering the U.S. These trucks were observed entering without inspection.)

 According to reliable Customs sources on both sides of the border, this particular "private road" was manned by an "unarmed" private security guard who was a "resident alien" and who had no authority to stop, search or arrest anyone.  According to sources, this security guard works for the local "paper company" who employs all these truck drivers that drive lumber trucks into, or out of the U.S. from Canada.

 According to witnesses, there were several incidents where U.S. Citizens have attempted to enter the U.S. near Maine from Quebec through this private road and they were greeted by a "private security guard" who asked for a "Customs Form 1". This security guard claimed that he could not let anyone enter though this private road unless they had a special permit issued by Customs, however, he  had no authority to stop anyone. The security guard informed these citizens that they had to get the permit form the local Customs office. (According to sources, the permit is for access during and possibly "after" hours by hunters, fisherman or various winter sporting events)

 Only persons with a special permit are allowed to pass according to these sources. On other occasions, persons have been spotted entering the U.S. from Canada after hours by unlocking a special gate which separates the two countries. Since these particular gates have a limited time of operation, it has been noted that "certain" private citizens/residents have accessed the U.S. after hours. (I wonder if these people had to pass a special background check like they do with the Documented Commuter Lane program (DCL)  or the P.A.L. program, used by the U.S. Border Patrol near San Clemente, California?)

 Although there are some "official" Customs "unmanned" entry points along the U.S. border, they are still maintained with some sort of security devices like remote control video cameras and listening devices as well as ground sensor units similar to what the Border Patrol uses along the southwest U.S.-Mexican border to catch illegal aliens.

 When several people asked about the alleged "Customs Form 1" through Customs offices, they were told "it did not exist". According to the Customs PAO at Headquarters, these forms do not exist and "there is no policy for issuing any type of special permits that allow such an entry through a "privately owned" entry point. According to one Customs PAO official, "Someone must be pulling your leg". "All "level one" entry ports must have a Customs or INS official on duty at all times during hours of operation". "Either one or the other, but never a "private security guard", said the Customs Public Affairs Officer.

 Our only purpose in printing this story is to show you that the U.S. border is not as safe and secure as the administration would have you believe. It is also important to point out that headquarters does NOT know about every little problem that exists at the local levels which is supposed to be handled by area supervisors or Customs Management Centers or Customs District Directors. That is one of the major problems with trusting certain high ranking managers that are corrupt and have "hidden agendas". A similar type of "special permit" was previously exposed on a previous article by regarding yellow laminated "bypass" cards issued by the local District Director or CMC Director for special friends. Customs headquarters has denied the existence of these cards and failed to investigate their existence. As Editor of this newsletter, I can assure you that I and many others in San Diego have seen and handled these permits. Customs Supervisors have been directed to confiscate any "bypass" card and turn it over to the local CMC director in case the person who possesses it is found violating the laws. The Editor can personally attest to several cards in existence between 1983-1998 and issued by former San Diego District Directors named Alan J. Rappoport and Rudy M. Camacho. The previous incidents were documented and previously turned over to Customs Internal Affairs to no avail.   

  Our intent is to expose these inconsistencies in policy and obtain the proper funding and man power needed to man such entry points along the U.S.-Canada border as well as the U.S.-Mexican border. We do not wish to leave all these entry points open to the likes of these "middle eastern terrorists" which have historically entered the U.S. through Canada, as they would be less likely screened similar to the southern border or at the main international airports. 

 Recent intelligence reports and FBI reports have already admitted that members of the Al Qaeda have entered through Canada to avoid detection and capture.

 I do not think the American public would appreciate such a lack of concern for the security of their own country. 


Editor~ John Carman

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We have already started to receive email from other border officials. See what other agents have to say about this issue.

Subject: Our UN-Secure border The attached photograph displays our current fence in Detroit separating Canada from the United States. As you can see, many have utilized this passage to exit trucks waiting in line for primary inspection and simply walking over it into the United States. It is very effective in stopping those who wish to gain unlawful entry into this country (sarcasm included). Management is not only aware of this problem, but has done NOTHING to correct it. Heightened alert at its best. Signed, Local NTEU 173


HOT: "Boat Inspections....or not"

Mr. Carman, The one thing I HAVE to inform you about is regarding the "boat reporting policy" on the Northern Border. Get call the special Customs Hotline 1-800 number. Or don't, because there is no one to stop you up here in "Redacted". This is also continually occurring in the Lake Champlain area for Christ's sake. The same situation exists over on the St. Lawrence, maybe the occasional "BP" (Border Patrol) boat once in a while, but that's it. The crazy part is I have had reliable "sources" tell me that they have had people call the special Customs Hotline (800) number in Champlain and call in a "suspected" load boat that they literally "observed" people loading suspected bails onto and the Customs Supervisor tells me to get (redacted). I am also aware of people reporting this information as far way as MIAMI, Florida!!!!,.... and Customs ALLOWS it to happen!!! I hope to God the terrorist types haven't figured this one out yet, or we are in serious ("redacted").

Signed, Redacted for safety reasons.

"Chase Cars"

Mr. Carman, I recently wrote a letter to Ms. Fitzgerald-Catalan regarding her new book.(U.S. Customs: Badge of Dishonor") I also had the privlidge to read your website at length. My aforementioned letter explains that I'm currently an REDACTED on the northern US border and some of my experiences. I wanted to comment on the new Customs vehicles. As you may or may not know, the OFFICIAL policy on out of port pursuits is now NEVER. Port runners, start your engines. Even in light of the arrest at Port Angeles in 1999, we are prohibited from ANY pursuit, vehicular or otherwise outside the port of entry. In another example of total incompetance by the Customs Service, I work adjacent to the REDACTED Indian reservation which borders Canada. The smugglers run relatively unchecked across the St. Lawrence River while we sit at the POE's. We have been ordered by management NOT to pursue these "port runners". Management has known this for YEARS and still we sit and do nothing but catch the "dumb" ones. The sheer volume of the alien smuggling alone makes me shudder to think of how many individuals may have been associated with 09/11 and slipped through our grasp. Just my two-cents. I read your website with great interest, and as I told Ms. Fitzgerald-Catalan, your work has encouraged me to do my job in the face of all the idiocy around me. Best wishes to you.


Redacted for safety reasons.