Recommended Reading List and Links
  1. The Whistleblower Litigation Handbook, by Stephen M. Kohn ISBN: 0-471-55330-1 Author is an attorney with Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto in a law firm in Washington, D.C.(They also handled Dr. Fred Whitehurst's case against the FBI in a major whistleblower case) Copyright 1991

  2. Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide book, by Attorneys for law firm Passman & Kaplan. ISBN: 0-965000-1-7 Copyright 1999

  3. Hearings Before the Subcommittee On Government Operation House Of Representatives 102 Congress Second Session march 26, 27, And April 1, 1992 ISBN: 0-16-039255-1 (Blue Ribbon Panel with Customs and Investigation Into allegations of Corruption in U.S. Customs)

  4. Drugging America, by Rodney Stich copyright 1999, ISBN: 0-932438-10-5 Library of Congress Number: 99-94724 Order book from Rodney Stich (925)944-1930

  5. Defrauding America, by Rodney Stich copyright 1998, ISBN: 0-932438-09-1

  6. Dark Alliance by Gary Webb of San Jose Mercury News, copyright 1998, ISBN: 1-888363-68-1

  7. Drug War by Dan Russel copyright 1999 ISBN:0-9650253-4-9

  8. The Underground Empire by James Mills copyright 1986 ISBN: 0-385-17535-3

  9. Desperados by Elaine Shannon, copyright 1988 ISBN: 0-670-81026-6

  10. Drug Lord by Terrence E. Popa copyright 1998, 1990, ISBN: 0-9664430-0-4

  11. Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA, By Terry K. Reed & John Cummings, copyright 1994 ISBN: 1-56171-249-3

  12. The Mafia, CIA & George Bush, by Pete Brewton, copyright 1992 ISBN: 1-56171-203-5

  13. Telling Lies by Paul Ekman copyright 1985, 1992 ISBN: 0-393-01931-4, 0-393-30872-3.

  14. Good Cop, Bad Cop by Mike McAlary copyright 1994 ISBN: 0-671-89735-7 (paperback) Regarding Joseph Trimboli investigation of corrupt NYPD Cop Michael Dowd and in depth involvement by former U.S. Customs Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly.

  15. Beyond Good & Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche copyright 1966 ISBN: 0-679-72465-6

  16. Weed, Adventures of a Drug Smuggler by Jerry Kamstra copyright 1974, 1983 ISBN:0-915520-62-1

  17. Cocaine, Contras & The Drug WAR by Celerino Castillo III and Dave Harmon, copyright 1994 ISBN: 0-88962-578-6

  18. Cocaine Politics Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America by Peter Dale Scott and Jonathan Marshal copyright 1991 ISBN: 0-520-07781-4 (pbk)

  19. Video: Corruption at the Border by Former Customs Senior Inspector John Carman, copyright 1997-2003(Pending outcome of Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit against Customs)

  20. Flying While Black by Cathy Harris copyright 2001 ISBN: 1-881524-90-6

  21. U.S. Customs: Open Target (Profiles and Experiences of a U.S. Customs Whistleblower by John Carman) Still to come.

  22. The Teachings of The Professor by Jose M. Martinez, Copyright 1999 ISBN: 970-651-131-8 (Regarding Hank Gonzalez, Jorge Hank-Rhon and Carlos Hank-Rhon)

  23. A Female U.S. Customs Inspector's Story by Former Customs Inspector Gloria Meza-Steidley, copyright 1999 NO ISBN. Contact:(210)690-5122 Email:

  24. Barry & The Boys' by Daniel Hopsicker copyright 2001 ISBN: 0-9706591-0-5(about Barry Seal, Smuggling and his MOB connections)

  25. Police Burnout: Signs, Symptoms and Soultions by Gerald Loren Fishkin, Ph.D. Copyright 1987 ISBN: 87-83690

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