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click here Open Letter to Commissioner Raymond W.Kelly

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Raymond W. Kelly Under Secretary (Enforcement)
Former New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly was sworn in as the Under Secretary for Enforcement of the Treasury Department on June 27, 1996.
As Under Secretary, Mr. Kelly has direct supervisory authority over the Department's enforcement bureaus, including the U.S. Customs Service, the U.S. Secret Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control.
Mr. Kelly brings to the position more than thirty years of experience and commitment to public service. A former Marine who served in combat in Vietnam, he rose through the ranks of the New York City Police Department, serving in every rank and 25 commands, before becoming Commissioner in October 1992, a post he held until his retirement in January 1994. His leadership was critical in the successful investigation of the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and in directing the largest increase in uniform ranks in the department's history. Mr. Kelly was recognized as New York State's Law Enforcement Official of the Year in 1993.
More recently, Mr. Kelly served in Haiti as director of the International Police Monitors of the Multinational Force from October 1994 through March 1995. These monitors helped to establish Haiti's interim public security force. President Clinton awarded Mr. Kelly a commendation for "exceptionally meritorious service" and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Shalikashvili awarded him the Commander's Medal for Public Service. In October, 1997, Mr. Kelly was elected Vice President of the Americas for INTERPOL.
Mr. Kelly is the former president and director of The Investigative Group Inc.'s New York operations. The Investigative Group Inc. is an international investigation firm with offices in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and London.
Mr. Kelly is an attorney with law degrees from St. John's University and New York University, where he has lectured on the law, public policy, and crisis management. He is a graduate of Manhattan College and holds a master's degree in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from Marist College in May 1985 and from Manhattan College in 1996 in recognition of his lengthy and distinguished career in public service.
He is married and has two grown sons.

click here On Friday September 8, 2000 in today's edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune is an article which discloses that former Customs inspector & whistle-blower Michael Horner,47, admitted on Thursday 9-7-00 to fabricating a memo used in a "60 Minutes" report back in April 1997 that involved allegations of corruption at the Otay Mesa border crossing, which is just 6 miles east of the worlds' largest land border inspection station in a community of San Ysidro in the city of San Diego, California.
It is because of my status as a whistle-blower and my associations with this "former" Customs inspector that I have suffered retaliation by Customs managers like Rudy M. Camacho and Customs Internal affairs agents who I have assisted in disclosing important information regarding corruption in Customs Service.
I also assisted Customs internal affairs agents in this recent investigation regarding the "60 Minutes" story and the "fabricated" document by Mike Horner. Customs employees were solicited by internal affairs to anyone that knew any information about the memo which was aired on "60 Minutes" back in April 1997.
I came forward to offer what I knew about the "memo" and other information to Customs internal affairs agents as a last ditch effort to expose the truth about what I thought was further evidence of corruption, as I knew it, and through my associations with Mike Horner who was a whistle-blower at that time. Internal affairs agents were only interested in going after Mike Horner, but I wanted internal affairs to get ALL the facts as I knew them in order to get to the real truth of the matter and to do an honest and fair investigation instead of a "witch hunt ".
At one point I was given an "untimely" notice by Julian Greenspun that I was a "target" of this recent investigation back on June 15, 2000. I had tried to talk to senior trial lawyer Julian Greespun in the past without any co-operation or interest. When I received notice that I was also a "target" of this same investigation that I helped to prosecute, I was totally shocked as I had assisted by telling Customs internal affairs agents everything that I knew about the memos and Mike Horner. I was treated like a criminal.
This is either another example of "incompetence" or a further act of "retaliation" on the part of the Customs Service to try and further quell or "silence" me regarding my protected disclosures regarding corruption.
I am very shocked at the fact that former Customs inspector Michael Horner stepped over the line and violated the law by fabricating a government document. I have seen similar documents in my 16 year career with U.S. Customs and I honestly believed it was a true and correct memo at that time.
However, Mr. Horner has now admitted that he had lied. Horner violated the trust and oath of office that he took to Protect and Preserve the Constitution of the United States and to respect and obey all laws as a Customs law enforcement official. He had lied to me and others in the past. I notified Customs Internal Affairs of this as soon as I was sure of this fact some time back in 1997.
I just hope that the U.S. Department of Justice Pubic Integrity Unit in Washington, D.C. can conduct a fair and impartial investigation with regards to other issues and protected disclosures that I have tried to bring to the attention of Customs internal affairs. My experience in the past has been very negative and that Customs is only out to do damage control and to "silence" anyone that really does their jobs in trying to investigate real major narcotics smuggling organizations or corruption within the agency.
I stand by my own integrity regarding facts and disclosures that I have made, and I will not change anything that I have exposed regarding the truth as I know it. I remain loyal and true to the goals and standards of the U.S. Customs Service and the Constitution of the United States and I will not change my story or lie for anyone regarding anything I have said while in the employment of the U.S. Customs Service. This recent development will not change my intention to follow through with my federal civil rights lawsuit which is filed against Customs in the Federal Circuit Court in Southern California.( '00 CV 1215 JM (NLS) )
Special Note: There are still other similar documents that have NOT been investigated properly by Customs Internal Affairs which give special treatment to VIOLATORS in possession of "yellow laminated cards" or "courtesy cards" that are given to friends or associates of the current Customs Director Rudy M. Camacho here in San Diego. These special "courtesy cards" were previously issued and used by friends of former Customs District Director Alan J. Rappoport. Rappoport "resigned" within 48 hours of finding out that he was under investigation for "illegal" activity as a high ranking Customs official here in San Diego. A lot of these Customs "Courtesy Cards" were in the possession of Customs violators in possession of cocaine or undeclared currency over $10,000.00 , just to name a few.
I hope that U.S. Customs and Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly will try and do the right thing when it comes to fair treatment of whistle-blowers like myself and many more that are finding the courage to come forward and report corruption.

click here Customs Set To Fire Whistleblower

I have just confirmed through reliable government, and "non-government" sources that the so-called U.S. Customs "Air Interdiction Programs" have been suspended since about 1997.
This came from "several" very well placed contacts throughout the United States and at various U.S. Customs Air Bases, and along the U.S./Mexican Border airfields which are supposedly working around the clock to interdict narcotics.
click here to see full size image Operation "Blue Lightning", which is one of many Customs Drug Interdiction programs has apparently has been "shot down" by the Clinton Administration as early as 1997 and possibly earlier. Reliable sources have recently informed me that while visiting a local former Military Air Base, where Customs maintains an air group, it was determined that there were no Anti-Drug Missions being flown for quite some time and that the equipment or weather was not a problem. There were at least a dozen planes and one black hawk helicopter which were blocked off and tied down for an extended period of time. These interdiction aircraft are specially equipped with F.L.I.R. (Forward Looking Infrared devices) for spotting illegal drug flights that occur at night time. Most of the time these suspected smuggler's planes do NOT have the required FAA transponders on board so that they can easily be detected.
One such confirmed instance of this "shut down" was in Gulfport, Mississippi a few years ago. There was an incident where someone noticed all the U.S. Customs planes at the Air Interdiction Group were NOT flying for some reason. There were several "innocent" inquiries made to all the pilots and other support personnel who were all sitting around and drinking coffee and eating their donuts collecting their highly rated pilots paychecks and A.U.O. (automatic uncontrollable overtime) which is an additional 25% overtime, were all enjoying themselves. One individual asked, "Hey, how come you guys aren't flying today?" "It's beautiful weather out there!" "Is there something wrong with your planes or equipment?"
click here to see full size image Several of the GS-13's Pilot's responded by saying, " Ever since the Clinton administration ordered us to "stand down", we've had to kick back and restrict ourselves to local flights without any drug interdiction flights whatsoever." General Barry McCaffrey was specifically mentioned in this interesting conversation too. General McCaffrey is the head of the National Drug Control Policy office in Washington, D.C. and the Presidential appointed Drug Czar. According to "sources" it "seems" that someone was being allowed to fly their drug flights straight into the U.S. without interference from U.S. Customs at certain times. Mena Arkansas was also mentioned too.
Even the Military planes are specially equipped with such special equipment for interdiction and National Security purposes. However, when you consider the question about National Security, we would have lost a long time ago with all of the illegal "over flights" that occur on a regular basis. Who really knows which flights are "authorized" or not. Does FAA, Customs, Military, or NSA keep track? What ever happened to the threat of planes flying in with nuclear devices? Even a former DEA Director said, "If the smugglers were Enemy aircraft, we'd all be in a world of trouble by now." (1994 quote)

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This is a quicky photo of me and Mike Ruppert, former LAPD Officer and CIA expert with regards to the CIA's involvement in drug smuggling and other illegal activity. This photo was taken at the KIEV radio show with Peter Ford on the late night show in Pasadena. July 1997

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This is a picture of me with Celerino "Cele" Castillo, former DEA Special Agent and author. We met at the Fairfax High School auditorium in 1997, where I met with U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a supporter of the "Crack the CIA" Coalition. This movement is directly involved in exposing the CIA and U.S. government's involvement in drug smuggling.

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This is a picture of author and former CIA pilot (also former partner and co-worker of Barry Seal) named Terry Reed. He is the author of the book "Compromised, Clinton, Bush and the CIA". A very revealing book and testimonial.

Here I am with Joseph Wambaugh at a local law enforcement "Police Badge and Patch Collectors" show held in San Diego on September 25, 1999. I was photographed by another avid collector of Police memorabilia as well as a supporter of various local law enforcement agencies in San Diego. click here to see full size image
Mr. Wambaugh was there to promote his new book, "Floaters" which was just being released at your local fine book stores everywhere. He signed a special book marker specially designed by him and his wife. This book will be number fifteen in a series of fine books. I am a great fan of his and I know you will be too.
Mr. Wambaugh is very supportive of law enforcement and is making a living writing new books which reveals the true nature and insights into the many aspects of law enforcement which the public doesn't normally see or hear about.
I hope to have a book released soon which will be about my own experiences dealing with approximately 25 years of enforcement, especially U.S. Customs which is the greatest amount of my experience. I will reveal the treatment I received for faithfully doing my job and the negative aspects of revealing corruption within our federal law enforcement agencies while fighting the "War On Drugs".

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A picture of television personality and actor Martin Milner of the "Adam 12" TV show and myself at a local San Diego "police badge and patch trade show" in 1998. Mr. Milner was there to show his continuing support of the law enforcement community and those of us that fight the "War on Drugs". The police car was the actual car used on the television series and was in very good shape.

click here to see full size image Frank Serpico.
09//21/1997 San Diego Union Tribune.
Legendary Serpico Resurfaces.
click here Will Testify Tuesday on Corruption and Brutality in NYPD.
click here The Frank Serpico Website

click here to see full size image Mr. Mark Conrad was the former Customs Resident Agent in Charge of Internal Affairs Senior Special Agent for the western United States. He was in charge of 9 states and two Customs pre-clearance stations. Mark retired in 1998, but has his own case against Customs for illegal activities and falsification of official reports and evidence by corrupt Customs officials.
Mr. Conrad is willing to testify about corrupt Customs officials, falsification of "official" Customs Internal Affairs documentation and the "altering" of official Customs Internal Affairs "internal and sensitive" reports that would have implicated high ranking Customs officials. This is evidence of official cover-ups in the Customs Service at the highest levels. This information is all public record because of the notification to the Office of Special Counsel and the MSPB.(Merit Systems Protection Board) and OPR Office of Professional Responsibility. click here to see full size image
Quote from Mark Conrad: "I can give you explicit details of my being asked to lie in Federal Court in Ft. Lauderdale: to ignore blatantly false representations to a Federal Judge in San Diego, to lie in an internal investigation, etc. I can provide you with actual documents that proved the government altered computer records (Internal Affairs Reports) to reflect what management wanted............not what the facts were, and I can provide you with specific sources and outside independent government agents that can confirm what I say." (Quoted from Mark Conrad and the book "Drugging America" page 202, chapter. 7 Customs Complicity, by Rodney Stich ISBN: 0-932438-10-5)
Mr. Conrad is just another fine example of the type of person we should have in our government and what the "Administration" is trying to do to "cover up" serious acts of criminal activity, corruption, official misconduct, and gross negligence on behalf of corrupt Customs officials.
His case is still pending.
click hereFeatured on ABC's Prime Time Show

UPDATE: News Update:

Retired Customs RAC agent Mark Conrad is in the running for the Customs Commissioner position according to reliable sources.

According to many "reliable" Customs sources, Mark Conrad is also the popular choice for Raymond W. Kelly's replacement.

Many people that know Mark Conrad, know him to be very honest, fair and sincere about his work and loyal to the majority of the Customs employees who are trying to fight this very difficult "War on Drugs" with little or no support. Mark Conrad believes that 98% of the Customs employees are very honest hard working dedicated people who realize the how difficult it is to fight such an unpopular war that does not get proper support of the current administration. The hours are long and the rewards are only "self satisfaction" and an occasional vacation in between heartbeats.

If only 2% of the honest work force in Customs is "on the take" or fall prey to the temptations of bribery, that would still constitute a severe problem for all the entry points all along the border inspections stations and airports.

According to Conrad, "The major source of difficulties in the drug war efforts has been the directions that come from executive management." " It's scary what the government IS and NOT doing." "I'm more scared of the government than I am of any dope dealer. I've put better people in jail than some of the people I've worked for."

Conrad also believes the current drug war is "phony" and in need of "a totally different approach". Conrad said, "One example of how the drug war is phony is when the government knowingly allowed 100,000 pounds of cocaine to enter the United States a couple of years ago in what turned out to be futile effort to catch a major dealer. (This was also exposed on ABC's Prime Time Live in 1998)

Conrad has also openly exposed a "federal prosecutor" for asking him to lie in federal court. When Conrad refused, the same "federal prosecutor" then went to a "high ranking Customs supervisor" and asked the supervisor to "order" Conrad to change his testimony to comport with the government's theory of the drug case. The Customs supervisor responded in the "strongest terms" that he wasn't going to comply with that request either.

Conrad has admitted that he has been in meetings where the argument was made to "get the bad guys locked up at all costs and that it was O.K. for law enforcement personnel to "shade the truth" or point blank lie to gain convictions"

Conrad has said that there are many men and women in Customs with integrity out there, but there are many that do not have any at all.

by John Carman

click here to see full size image 1983 Picture of me at the U.S. Mint in San Francisco while I was a Federal U.S. Mint Police Officer with a fully automatic 9mm UZI that I had to qualify with and be ready to use. I also trained with these particular types of weapons while I was in the U.S. Secret Service.

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Picture of a co-worker and friend of mine while I was at the U.S. Mint in San Francisco months before I went into the U.S. Customs Service. I was at the U.S.Mint for only 10 months.

click here to see full size image
Picture of over 1,065 pounds of gold bullion that I was personally responsible for protecting while stationed at the U.S. Mint in San Francisco from 1982-1983.Worth approximately $70 million dollars or more depending on the price of gold that day.

click here World Net Daily - Former Customs Agent Alleges Corruption

click here - Ex-Customs Agent Exposes Clinton 'Drug War'

click here to see full size image This is a very good picture of what a Saturday morning looks like at the world's largest land border entry station at San Ysidro, California where the traffic is seen approaching from Tijuana, Mexico. There are 24 lanes of traffic and the wait times can vary from 15 minutes to over an hour. As you can see, there are a lot of vehicles and you have to be able to process each vehicle within just a few seconds each. The average processing rate for me was approximately 75-100 cars in 30 minutes. I still caught smugglers, illegal aliens and loads of narcotics too! Not to mention the felons and NCIC fugitives that live in Mexico to escape from justice in the United States.

click here to see full size image This is a picture of the San Ysidro Border Inspection Station coming from Tijuana, Mexico on a typical Saturday afternoon 6-5-99 around 5:30 P.M. The wait to be processed into the United States was approximately 20 minutes(not too bad). That also means it was backed up approximately 20-25 cars back while in line.

This is a photo taken on Saturday 6-5-99 while traveling back into the United States from Tijuana, Mexico. As you can see there are various warning signs informing the traveling public about the various restrictions regarding Customs, Immigration and Agriculture Laws. click here to see full size image There are also various license plate readers that I personally made suggestions for back in January, 1995 or earlier. I was given "lip service" by Customs headquarters personnel and told that "it would not be feasible" or "cost effective" to implement such a plan or suggestion. I was trying to have more enforcement at the borders so that all license plates could be read and used internally for intelligence and enforcement purposes. It would also free the Inspector's hands for safety reasons and plates could be screened for special DMV records to determine if the vehicles were utilizing "dead plates" or not . That means that the license plates were not registered at all. (Interestingly, Mexico has not "interfaced" their records with ours and their system is still antiquated.) This is typically what the smugglers would use to cross narcotics into the United States. As you can see, my suggestion has been adopted, but I did not get any credit whatsoever. I guess they didn't want a "whistle-blower" to get any credit. Customs managers are such liars and thieves. They would rather steal an idea from another employee and call it their own. It has happened to me before at San Ysidro by Customs Supervision. I know who they are.
click here Letter from Customs Regarding License Plate Reader

click here to see full size image

Here is a picture of me holding a basket full of marijuana that I just seized. It was in a specially made compartment made for smuggling. Over 100 lbs.

click here to see full size image This is a picture of me processing a Mexican national making entry at the pedestrian entrance to the United States at Calexico from Mexicali. To the right of me are a couple of Immigration Inspectors that I was working with on the 4-12 shift.

click herePhone Tapping and Encryption
Current Federal Laws and Customs regulations governing the policy of Title III's is very strict and requires the need for a Federal Judge to sign a court order to authorize a wire tap. This is to ensure that strict guidelines are followed to protect the Privacy of its American Citizens. In this case Federal agencies are spying on innocent citizens like myself and many others. I have even been told that the current Customs Commissioner Ray Kelly doesn't want me to expose this alternate monitoring system which can capture the communications of all law abiding Americans for using certain language or expressing their personal views. This is a violation of our Bill of Rights and the First Amendment. U.S. Customs has also monitored and captured sensitive information from its own agents and "compromised" sensitive investigations when our own agents got to close to a "special operation" which was protected by corrupt government agencies or high ranking officials. This is not the first time this has happened. There are former government agents who can verify this. U.S. Customs and DEA are not the only agencies that have compromised there own agents for its own selfish reasons. Other agencies dealing with national security have also violated the U.S. Constitution against its own citizens while they are stationed abroad performing valuable law enforcement duties, as well as within the United States. If high ranking officials will do this to their own loyal law enforcement personnel, you can only imagine what they will do to a "Private Citizen" of The United States.

click here to see full size image Here is a picture of me unloading over 100 lbs. of marijuana from a Chevy suburban "Port Runner" that I caught and seized at the San Ysidro Port Of Entry around 1993-94 just before they "scrapped" the Customs Chase Car program. My success rate was over 95%.

click here to see full size image

This is a picture of me displaying a "tire load" that I caught that was driven by a "Police Officer " from Mexico. Interesting story too.

click here Giraffe News
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Media picture of George Putnam a radio TV personality at KIEV radio in Pasadena during an interview with me after I was separated from Customs in June 1997.

click here to see full size image
Media picture of me with radio personality Peter Ford and myself not long after the first interview with George Putnam at KIEV radio in Pasadena on the 11pm to 2am show. July 1997

click here to see full size image
Picture of me and radio disc jockey at the KKLA Radio station in Los Angeles for the Christian radio hour.

click here to see full size image This is a picture of me proudly displaying over 10.85 ounces of Mexican brown tar heroin that I caught off an older Mexican male "border crosser" at the Calexico Port Of Entry around 10-20-85. I was later forced to give this heroin up to two Latin American Customs Supervisors who allegedly gave it to Mexican Narcotics investigators. (For what?) This was reported to Internal Affairs without any action taken. The Customs Supervisors were later promoted.

This is a picture of me proudly displaying my first "large" cocaine seizure less than one year on the job with U.S. Customs. (10-2-84) October was always a good month for me to get lots of narcotics seizures. This was just a small beginning of a very productive career in Customs. This was 1.3 pounds of "pure base" cocaine which was hidden in the right front air duct of the old pickup truck that was being driven.
I walked the suspects in from the primary lanes of vehicle traffic while stationed in Calexico on 10-2-84. The driver and his two passengers were all giving me the wrong responses in hopes that I wouldn't inspect them further, and the driver looked as if he was on drugs. click here to see full size image His eyes were dilated and he spoke unclearly and his speech was slow. There was also the remains a small marijuana cigarette left in the ashtray. I also observed some pills on the console as well. This was all to help relax them and prevent the appearance of being nervous. The passengers still appeared to be nervous and scared at the same time. The driver was to talkative and tried to give me all the right answers and speak for everyone. The other ones were too silent. Their eyes were all dilated as well. I checked briefly when I shined my flashlight at them for a split second and I saw how their eyes responded.
The driver was a U.S. Citizen, Caucasian that looked like a "hippie" with long hair. The passenger in the middle was a well dressed Latin American, born in Colombia, and was naturalized. He had his passport with him and he claimed he just traveled by airplane from Mexico City. He lied about his trip because I later found some airlines tickets that showed travel directly to Colombia. He lied and claimed he was only in Mexico.
The third passenger was a white male, U.S. Citizen who had a criminal background for smuggling and was trying to hide his identity. He was later caught trying to eat a piece of paper with his real name and identifying information on it while enroute to the Federal Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in San Diego. He hid his "fake" drivers license in his shoe which I found while doing a personal search.
Subsequently all three were arrested and I never had to appear in court. They all pled "guilty" to smuggling charges. The amount of cocaine was worth over $100,000 and was sealed in special plastic wrapping and then duct tape. It was secreted in the lower right hand side "air duct" of the old pickup. Ref: seizure # 85-2503-0005, that means I got the fifth narcotics seizure of the new fiscal year.10-2-84, Port Of Calexico! I got a special citation and award from the Customs District Director for that seizure.

click here to see full size image Here is a picture of me standing proudly at the new Customs Commercial X-Ray machine for large trucks and vehicles. January 1995. My narcotics seizure that was marijuana. The Commissioner got to see the X-Ray machine really work. I already found the narcotics. I was just allowing the machine get some "credit" like the K-9 dogs we have. That way, everyone maintains statistics and positive results. It also helps in training too. Former Customs Commissioner George Weise is the third man from my left wearing a gray business suit. After I made the seizure, I was still treated badly. It was very good and people were very jealous. That's why it pays to be consistent and tenacious.
click here to see full size image
This is a picture of me getting my arm deep into a Chevy suburban compartment to make sure that I have extracted all of the Marijuana packages. 1994

click here to see full size image
Here is a picture of me unloading a gas tank load of Marijuana from a smugglers vehicle at the Calexico Port Of Entry. It was around 80 lbs. in a compact car on the 4-12 shift.

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click here United States Code 18 section 111
United States Code 18 section 111 is the Federal Law or Statute that protects ALL federal law enforcement officials while in the performance of their official duties. It also protects them off duty and after they leave the law enforcement agency as long as there is a "nexus" to the job they performed.
It further states that these same federal law enforcement officials are also covered even after they leave the law enforcement position in which they may have held for an extended period of time like I did. (approximately 20 years law enforcement, the last 16 years was with U.S. Customs alone) There is a "nexus" to the job and this means that any death threats related to the previous law enforcement position is still covered and the U.S. Attorney's Office, as well as U.S. Customs and "other" responsible federal "law enforcement agencies" have an obligation under the law to protect these federal agents, officer, officials. (All Customs officers are specifically provided for in these statutes under United States Code 18 section 111)
If you consider the documented death threats I have had since working for U.S. Customs 1983-1998, and the recent activities, there is definitely a connection or "nexus" to my job as a law enforcement official in the U.S. Customs Service. One death threat that was made against me was actually recorded the same evening that another former Customs co-worker of mine died. I have copies made and ALL the appropriate law enforcement agencies were notified and case numbers assigned.
Something most officials don't want you to know is that private citizens, "acting in behalf of federal law enforcement officials" are also covered or protected under this law.
The problem is that unless it is "Politically" beneficial, government officials will try and convince you otherwise and lie to you about the significance of this law.
U.S. Attorney John C. Keeney in Washington, D.C. said on or about April 24, 1996, "John, Unless they are shooting bullets at you, there is nothing we can do." San Diego Assistant U.S. Attorney Amalia Meza and FBI Agent Greg Harmon were present when this was said in the U.S. Attorney's office on a conference call from Washington, D.C. with yours truly, John Carman, present. I was providing information to the U.S. Attorney's office regarding corruption in the U.S. Customs Service while under a Federal Grand Jury subpoena which I requested. They still have a binder full of my documents which they have not returned.
The following "law enforcement" and "judicial branches" of government have been notified of any "past" or "recent" death threats and harassment:
1) U.S. Customs Internal Affairs, San Diego, McAllen Texas, Washington, D.C. July 14, 1998
2) U.S. Customs Service Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly October 1999, and previous Commissioner George J. Weise 1995-1997, Regional Internal Affairs, etc...................................................................
3) U.S. Customs "whistle-blower hotline" October 1999 Case number 2000-207
4) F.B.I. office in San Diego since July 14, 1998 and subsequently on April 1999 and June 16, 1999
5) U.S. Attorney General's office in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Washington, D.C.
6) Office Of Special Counsel since about 1993
7) Merit Systems Protection Board since about 1995
8) San Diego Police Department (case number 97-076606 re: 10-18-97 burglary attempt @ 0300 hours, and 98-047757 July 14, 1998, Death Threat, etc...)
9) Annoyance Call Bureau various dates since 1995-1999 and 1999-2000
10) Civil Rights Division of the FBI/U.S. Attorney's Office in San Diego and Washington, D.C. June 1999
11) Office of The Treasury Inspector General's Office, San Diego, Washington, D.C.
12) Office of The Justice Department Inspector General's Office in San Diego, & Washington ,D.C.
13) San Diego Sheriff's Department, Licensing Division
14) San Diego Sheriff's Special Investigations Unit
15) La Mesa Police Department
16) U.S. Secret Service
17) U.S. Postal Inspector
18) California State Attorney General's office Jan. 2000
19) San Diego County Grand Jury
20) San Diego County District Attorney's Office
This list was suppressed to save space and time.

click here to see full size image
This is a picture of me displaying a seizure of Pre-Colombian Artifacts that I caught from two Americans that "robbed" some grave sites/burial grounds in Mexico. This was around June 1986 just after I had transferred from the Calexico.

click here to see full size image Here is a picture of me with Congresswoman Maxine Waters during a Fairfax High School meeting in Los Angeles where I met with former DEA Agent Celerino Castillo and former LAPD Officer Mike Ruppert to discuss the government's involvement in narcotics smuggling into the southern California areas, which includes San Diego and all major cities on the west coast.

click here to see full size image This is a picture of me providing security for Customs Commissioner Carol Hallet. She was the first Customs Commissioner that I told about the "integrity problems" in Customs. Also in the picture are CMC Director Rudy M. Camacho and former Port Director Jerry B. Martin at the San Ysidro Port Of Entry near the Mexican border.

click here to see full size image Here is the BiCentennial Motorhome which was converted from a "seized" fifth wheel trailer that was concealing over 1,000 lbs of marijuana back in 1988. I was assigned to tear down and help build this "compartmentalized vehicle for smuggling" into a traveling Customs Museum and display.
I also spent a lot of personal time and research into various Customs law enforcement memorabilia like old Customs Badges and Customs patches, as this is my personal hobby. I was the only Customs employee that discovered a Customs Coin Badge that was worn and used by a real live Customs Mounted Inspector named Jefferson Keno Wilson in the San Diego District back in the 1890's. This valuable coin badge ,which was not an officially authorized badge, was secured in the San Diego Historical Society Museum Vault for many years. click here to see full size image It was determined that only the Texas Rangers used the coin badge idea back in the 1800's. This is where the coin is engraved on one side and a pin is attached to the reverse for wearing on the clothing.
I was lucky enough to get permission to borrow it for pictures and the Customs Display for about two weeks during the celebration back in 1989 in San Diego. I also got permission from Customs to have this coin badge reproduced with actual Mexican silver coins click here to see full size imagefor "replicas" for high ranking Customs personnel and Customs employees that wanted to purchase them at actual costs in the San Diego District and for the Customs Commissioner.
This Coin badge was fashioned out of a real Mexican Silver peso piece that was minted back in 1895 or so. It was made of pure .999 silver and weighed an ounce. It was titled "Deputy Collector U.S. CUSTOMS INSPECTOR". There was also documented proof that showed a "commission" was given to J.K. Wilson. This information went into a special Customs History Book that was developed with my help in San Diego. I was finally mentioned in the back of the book. I did not get proper credit for my work and the pictures of the original coin badge.
click here Pacific Perspectives (Summer 1989) Part 1
click here Pacific Perspectives (Summer 1989) Part 2

Customs Patches:


click here to see full size image Customs Rally 2000
This is part of the "Hub" of the Los Angeles Customs rally that took place on January 25, 2000 in front of the Federal Building where numerous Customs protestors showed up to publicly express their opinions and views about the "corrupted" policies of the U.S. Customs Service and the illegal acts by Customs Management which are criminal in nature. Corruption, retaliation on whistle-blowers and federally injured workers were some of the issues that were discussed with the news media and should be addressed and taken care of by the U.S. Customs Commissioner, Secretary of the Treasury, Justice Department, the Attorney General and the U.S. click here to see full size image Attorney's Office. These important issues affect the lives of everyone in the United States and it is not an isolated issue. These illegal practices of discrimination and racial profiling has to stop and become curtailed to focus on the real true nature of smugglers trying to mix with law abiding foreign travelers and guests to our great country.
A special thanks goes to ALL those who showed up at the rally in the rain and inclement weather. It takes a special kind of person to endure long distances of travel and inclement weather to see that the messages are brought out in the open to the American public.
This was just one rally, and it was quickly followed by another rally in beautiful San Diego the very next day. A special thanks to all those dedicated persons that attended. This is just the beginning. Many alliances were made with local special interest and community groups. Town Hall meetings are planned for the future and we will not let down. All interested local community groups and public leaders are all invited as this will be our chance to speak click here to see full size image out publicly regarding what we have witnessed regarding corruption and violations of civil rights against federal employees as well as the American public. we will also expose the names of those government officials who allow this corruption to perpetuate. The names of the corrupt Customs officials, Internal Affairs agents and many others will be exposed so that others will benefit from this knowledge. As long as this corruption continues and the retaliation perpetuates, we will keep on making protected disclosures under the law.
Although many others could not attend for reasons beyond their control and the severe weather conditions which prevented air travel, I thank YOU! You will surely be missed, but I would expect that you will carry on the dedication that is needed in the planned future events that will take place in the very near future in an area near you. This is far from over. It is the beginning and with each step we will endeavor to persevere! Good luck and tell as many government employees as you can. You will be very surprise to know who wants to talk about the atrocities that are occurring in the Federal workplace. click here to see full size image
I was personally told by some federal workers, who wished to remain "anonymous", that they wished they could participate but couldn't protest for fear of retaliation. One federal official stated, "I wish I could talk about the real problems that are taking place right here behind the doors of the Federal Court House here in San Diego." "It is criminal what they are doing against you guys", said another person who wears a badge. "If the public only knew about the real corruption that exists in our own court systems today, they would have sentenced Judges and other federal officials to federal prison."
By John Carman

click here - Inspector Alleges Corruption in Customs
Corruption at the Border - Video of John Carman at the Granada Forum
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