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Steven Seagal 

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Double-cross: U.S. Customs Embarrassed

Check The Traffic-Cam At San Ysidro. 30 minute updates!


The Homeland Security


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John Carman
Carman Investigations: Investigations, Security Consultations, Protection.
A veteran law enforcement officer for over 25 years, John has worked for the U.S. Secret Service, San Diego Police Department, U.S. Mint Police and the U.S. Customs Service. In his capacity with the Secret Service in 1974-1977, where he served for over 3 years, John was directly involved in protection of the President, First Family, the White House, the Vice-President and his family, Ambassadors, Embassies and Heads of State.

   John Carman - 2004

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

    - Oct 2004 Interview-

In 1982 he served with the U.S. Mint Police for approximately 1 year while protecting millions of dollars worth of United States Gold Bullion at the Federal Depository in San Francisco. He subsequently left this position in lieu of a new position in 1983 to serve as a Customs Inspector on the U.S.-Mexican Border. During his 16 year tenure in U.S. Customs, he was ultimately promoted to a Senior Customs Inspector where he was personally responsible for apprehending record numbers of narcotics, smugglers, armed and dangerous felons, fugitives and Immigration violators.

Over the course of his career with the U.S. Government, he has received numerous commendations for his outstanding career and enforcement record to include Commissioner's Awards from U.S. Customs.

John has completed over 4 years of college level courses regarding law enforcement and police training to include an A.A. & A.S. in Law Enforcement and Investigations, F.L.E.T.C., U.S. Secret Service Specialized Training, the San Diego P.O.S.T. Certified Police Academy and a 3-year in-service training, DEA Training, U.S. Customs training at F.L.E.T.C. and "In Service Training" as well as a long list of courses associated with these programs of study. (See also: )

John has been a licensed Private Investigator in the State of California since 1981 (license #: AQ-008686).

John is also a Life-Time member of the C.N.O.A. California Narcotic Officers Association in California.

He has been a Martial Arts Expert in Judo, Karate and Aikido techniques for over 30 years. In 1970, he received the Shodan Black Belt in Judo from Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo, Japan. Since that date, he has been a martial arts and self-defense instructor for men, women and children in related martial arts as well.

Through his experiences as a well-documented whistleblower within the U.S. Customs Service regarding corruption and management abuses, John has been interviewed numerous times on television, radio talk shows and in many newspapers nation wide regarding these vitally important issues since 1995.



October 3, 2004

WASHINGTON – Over strenuous objections from the White House, Congress is moving to increase protections for federal employees who expose fraud, waste and wrongdoing inside the government.    -READ FULL STORY-


Illegal Customs Investigation Exposed!

It has come to our attention over the last few months, and probably longer,  that "official" Customs internal affairs agents from Customs of the Treasury Department or (DHS) Department of Homeland Security have been conducting specific "witch hunts" against any Customs employees that have communicated with "John Carman" and interviewing Customs employees to see if they have had any contact with a "John Carman or the web site: or contributed anything to the articles on the website.



Patriot Act vs. Hitler's Enabling Act


Hitler Becomes Dictator

After the elections of March 5, 1933, the Nazis began a systematic takeover of the state governments throughout Germany, ending a centuries old tradition of local political independence. Armed SA and SS thugs barged into local government offices using the state of emergency decree as a pretext to throw out legitimate office holders and replace them with Nazi Reich commissioners. 



click here to see full size imageThis was a "Port Runner" that got away from another Customs Official, but I intercepted it before the driver could do anything and he ran back to Tijuana, Mexico, leaving over 100 lbs of narcotics. I caught it abandoned with the drivers id. still attached to the windshield.  I was driving the Customs "Chase Car" that evening. One of my usual catches. I had a 90% success rate over anything that got away from another Customs or Immigration official that originated from Tijuana thru San Ysidro. This was about 1993. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, customs managers  decided to scrap the program. Gofigure?? 

click here to see full size imageThis is what Customs uses now to chase bad guys. (embarrassing!) Bad guys can see this brightly colored vehicle miles a away. I even saw a  private security company use the same coloring and striping for their "security vehicles". High visibility, but low apprehension rates. That's why most law enforcement "prowl cars" went to the "black and white"   color configuration. Or an all solid dark blue or black color because it  was  less visible by "bad guys" at night time when most crimes occur. Go  figure! Compare to the dark blue, highly efficient chase car above.


The Documents The Government Didn't Want You To See!
The Teachings of the Professor/White Tiger by Jose M. Martinez, Copyright 1999
The Teachings of the Professor/White Tiger by Jose M. Martinez, Copyright 1999
Reno Contradicts U.S. Drug Report.
Insight on the News, July 3, 2000, by Jamie Dettmer


"TECS II Security Compromised"

It has just been confirmed recently by "current" and "former" Customs officials in internal affairs that the U.S Treasury Enforcement Computer System "T.E.C.S. II" has been compromised for years. 

It has been "rumored" for years in Customs Internal Affairs that certain Mexicans in Mexico had "full" access to the restricted government United States Customs Service Treasury Enforcement Computer System or TECS II since the early 1990's.  (According to an internal affairs source, former Assistant Customs Commissioner Mike Lane was in charge of "communications" during that time and "may" have been responsible for this "set up" in Mexico through U.S. Customs District Director Alan J. Rappoport who has special contacts in Tijuana, Mexico)

The reports were that there were FIVE "unaccountable" and "untraceable" computer lines with direct access, which were utilized in Mexico. One of which was just south of San Ysidro California in Tijuana, Mexico.


If this were true, then ALL the information could be accessed by drug cartels for a "price" and they could access the various law enforcement links with DEA, U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. State Department, DEA-NADDIS, C.L.E.T.S, N.L.E.T.S., Canadian Law Enforcement,  INS, INTERPOL, etc....That also means that everything that was input into the TECS lookout systems were "compromised". This information is also shared with ALL U.S. Treasury Departments like the U.S. Secret Service as well as other important agencies like the National Security Agency and the C.I.A. as well.


Note: In one other case a former Latin American U.S. Customs Supervisor here in San Diego (Initials F.F.) allegedly "gave" Mexican authorities a specially "encrypted" Treasury radio transceiver with ALL Treasury frequencies so they could communicate with U.S. Customs. It was also common knowledge that this particular Latin Supervisor as well as others in Customs would give "restricted" information to the Mexican authorities which would confirm or deny that certain information on U.S. licensed vehicles were stolen or not. How do you think that happened??? 


It is also alleged" that Alan J. Rappoport, former District Director of U.S. Customs "may" have been responsible for this break in "national security". Alan J. Rappoport was responsible for setting up TECS in San Diego and was very efficient in using computers and TECS. Mr. Rappoport also had regular access and "very close ties" to one of the most powerful families in Mexico, Jorge Hank-Rhon owner of the Caliente Race Track and Foreign Sports Book.


In fact it, was common knowledge that D.D. Rappoport and Port Director John "Jack" Maryon would visit on a regular basis to Rancho Tecate to visit with their friend Jorge Hank-Rhon on a weekly basis and would come back late at night according to Customs and INS sources. There are several Customs and INS inspectional personnel who have seen these two men in particular arrive even after hours at the U.S. Border Inspection Station at Tecate. One Supervisor was told by former Customs Port Director Jack Maryon,  "You didn't see us . We were never here" and NOT to remember to repeat that he saw these two men coming back from Tecate Mexico on a certain visit.


Former Otay Mesa Port Director Jack Maryon even admitted to this editor back in 1994-95 that he "had lunch with Jorge Hank-Rhon on a weekly basis." (This was while Jack Maryon was "ordering" me NOT to put Jorge Hank-Rhon's name into the TECS II computer on look out as an intelligence report that was received by very reliable sources. Since it was "procedure" to input ALL important intelligence data into TECS II in the form of an M.O.I.R.(Memorandum Of Information Received or an R.O.I.Report of Intelligence) 

Coming soon......."Operation White Tiger" documents that will confirm that the Hank-Rhon family had direct ties to the drug cartels like Amado Carillo Fuentes and the Arellano Felix cartel.  




Click on the below links to go to the articles

Jeff Bolin

    Jeff Bolin: "Unreliable Customs Snitch"

Whistle-blower appealing firing

A federal undercover agent in Tucson says he is being fired for complaining that state police roughed up Middle Eastern immigrants during questionable searches.

Customs agent Greg Miller's troubles began in June '02

    Greg Miller


More Corruption Alleged by Diane Kleiman


Click hereThe Unknown Soldier

Mickey Downie used to be the government's hired gun.
Now he's in its crosshairs.

Government Betrays Inspector Who Went Undercover for U.S. Customs

He Is Forced to Return to Border Town with His Cover Blown

By Bill Conroy
Special to The Narco News Bulletin      May 10, 2004


Update: July 9, 2004 - editor notes-


Eight years ago, a former high-ranking Mexican anti-narcotics agent charged his government's top crime-fighting organization was so corrupt that fellow officers served as bodyguards for huge drug shipments across the U.S. border.

By Guillermo Contreras
San Antonio Express-News
  Mar 17, 2004

U.S. informant oversaw killings

Officials say customs authorities knew of role in drug smugglers' deaths

According to an exclusive report in Sunday's Dallas Morning News, U.S. Customs officials knew last summer that an informant on their payroll supervised the torture and killing of suspected drug smugglers in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and intervened only when two U.S. drug enforcement agents were targeted for assassination.

12:10 PM CST on Saturday, March 13, 2004

By ALFREDO CORCHADO / The Dallas Morning News


Click here to read the story.Narco-Corruption at U.S. Customs

Narco News, August 4, 2001

Customs Inspectors to be Posted at Foreign Ports

By Philip Shenon
June 12, 2003

Click Here to read story

Rash of illegals crashing through U.S. port-of-entry

A United States Border Patrol agent says three vehicles in two weeks have "busted" through the Otay Mesa port of entry near San Diego from Mexico and that two of the three weren't caught.

Terrorists said to seek entry to U.S. via Mexico

April 7, 2003
By Bill Gertz

A group of al Qaeda terrorists is attempting to infiltrate the United States from Mexico to conduct attacks in the country, The Washington Times has learned.

Forests along national borders aren't patrolled, audit says

WASHINGTON (AP) -- About 1,000 miles of national forest land bordering Canada and Mexico go virtually unpatrolled by the U.S. Forest Service, creating wide swaths for terrorists and criminals to enter the country undetected, an internal government audit says.





Authorities discovered another illegal tunnel

connecting Tijuana and San Ysidro yesterday, this one originating in the same Mexican house where a sophisticated drug-smuggling tunnel was found last year.

July 8, 2004

A hole in security?
Border area seems even more vulnerable in the aftermath of 9/11

by: Anna Cearley
May 7, 2003

Detecting tunnels a priority, but progress is hit and miss

by: Anna Cearley
May 7, 2003


Open Borders Expose'. See photos, review maps, then ask yourself WHY?



Photo of U.S. Customs Commissioner Robert C. Bonner. "Operation Green Quest", an initiative that will target current and future terrorist funding sources. Why do that when the terrorists already have access through our "open" borders especially at the northern Canadian-U.S. Border? What is Internal Affairs doing about that? Why do "private security guards" maintain "private entry points" along OUR U.S. Border?

(202) 927-1000   FAX (202) 927-2886 


Photo of Mark Conrad

click for more information

Mark Conrad, former Supervisory Special Agent, U.S. Customs Service, Office of Internal Affairs is an attorney at law and  assists Customs and Department of Justice employees in EEO, disciplinary and whistle blowing cases.

Assistant Professor Criminal Justice
Troy State University
P.O. Box 8684
Dothan, Alabama 36304

Phone:  (334) 671-8621

Photo of Potrero Cafe where I saw Supervisor Gilbert on 8-1-00
Photo of Potrero Cafe where I saw Supervisor Gilbert on 8-1-00
Why is this man still working for U.S. Customs
and also a GS-13 Supervisor?

This supervisor, Arthur D. Gilbert, is the same suspect who made "overt" and "extreme attempts" to insure the entry of over 8,500 pounds of cocaine into the U.S. through the Otay Mesa commercial facility back in October 1990.

                                                                                                                     Arthur D. Gilbert

U.S. Customs Series: San Antonio Business Journal
by Bill Conroy

Torpedoed G-man unit rising like phoenix from its ashes

All they wanted was honesty and the ability to do the job for which they were paid but all they got was the ax. Read the story on Monday, 17th, directly from the San Antonio Business Journal.

Get an Overview of the Customs Agency

     More Articles by Bill Conroy

TECS II Violations: Janet Neely

UPDATE: 7/9/2004

According to reliable Customs Sources, Janet Neely has been given her "walking papers".  It's about time! What? No indictments??? No arrests??? Afraid someone will give up other Customs managers???

Here is another example of retaliation for reporting corruption through the system in place at U.S. Customs internal affairs: The following is an exact quote from an anonymous letter just received from a Customs employee somewhere in Texas. The facts were also verified through a known news source as well before publishing this letter.

"Mr. Carman,

Two years ago(2000), approximately 12 Customs Inspectors notified Internal Affairs about a supervisor by the name of Janet Neely who had falsified drug seizures using other inspector's names and social security numbers without their knowledge and permission.

Internal Affairs was never interested on this very serious TECS II violation. It was only a year later and only after YOU and the San Antonio Business Journal exposing this corruption that Customs Internal Affairs showed up in Laredo, Texas.(Fly Team) They did an excellent job of covering up this type of corruption. They even went as far as blaming one of the inspectors for Neely's unlawful violation by accusing the inspector of staying logged onto TECS II and leaving his/her name logged onto the computer "unattended", thus giving Neely an "excuse" to FALSIFY TECS II records using the other Customs employee's name.

What's even more amazing is that I.A. got this interview incriminating themselves on tape! We have shown Customs Directives where it states that a violation of this type is considered an "automatic dismissal"(Termination)

Not only did Neely NOT get terminated as the directive dictates, she didn't even receive a reprimand of any kind. She instead got a "temporary promotion" to acting Chief at the Laredo CMC. Neely has been in that position ever since her TECS II violations. Until just last week, recently the Port Director, Gene Garza noticed that there had been several Customs CF-148 forms with his signature which he didn't remember signing. Upon further investigation, Garza learned that someone had signed for as many as 20 "new" faxes using Garza's own signature. These faxes were no where to be found. (copies are usually kept on file for later examination)

Yes, Janet Neely falsified the Port Director's signature to obtain faxes and other supplies using Customs CF-148 forms and other government funds.

Update 7-18-04

(From a Customs Source: Former Customs inspector Mike Horner allegedly forged San Diego District's CMC's Director Rudy M. Camacho's signature and got about 10 months in federal custody. Rudy M. Camacho just retired early last part of last year 2003. Where's the "Justice" if Janet Neely only gets her walking papers??? What does that mean??? Was she fired, quit, or did she get an "early out" retirement??? Why doesn't Janet Neely get prosecuted and time in jail?? This is a slap in the face of the People who entrusted special law enforcement powers to people in Customs and other law enforcement agencies when others flaunt their arrogant power with impunity. Haven't we learned enough from the French or American Revolution? Are we doomed to repeat history if we don't learn from it? What do we pay our taxes for???

From still another Customs source: Double standard for management, one standard for employees. If it isn't against the law and the public conscience to have a double standard where only GS-12's and above are treated differently than others in ANY government position, there needs to be an inquiry to investigate. Hypocrisy still runs rampant in Customs and the "new" Department of Homeland Security(DHS) What do you say to that Mr. Tom Ridge and Robert C. Bonner? You people are such hypocrites and liars and yet, you expect everyone to "respect" you or your position. You don't fool us at all. We are not stupid. Do what is right and quit playing favorites. I know what you did last summer! Signed (CC Redacted)

Gaby Serna, who worked directly under Janet Neely has already admitted to ordering parts for her "personal" computer using "Customs Funds" and CF-148 forms.

Further investigation revealed that there were as many as 115 Falsified Customs CF-148 forms and the theft runs into the "several thousands" of U.S. TAX payers dollars". Gaby Serna further admitted that Janet Neely told her to do it and that it was authorized.

Neely is under investigation for theft and forgery. Neely is also under investigation for signing out for a seized "child pornography" video tape and NOT returning it to the evidence room. The video tape, which is an important piece of evidence, is still missing. Instead of suspending Neely with pay, Customs management in Laredo has chosen to put her in charge of the Customs Command Center. Neely is currently the supervisor for the or Customs Command Center in Laredo now. Yes, this is where all intelligence information and TECS lookouts regarding terrorists threats are processed thru. The Command Center over sees ALL Customs Operations.(Related to INTERPOL, Justice, DEA, INS, Secret Service, to name a few)

Mr. Carman, "What the hell is going on?"

This is the worst type of corruption and cover up I have ever seen here in Customs. Neely should be put in prison along with all these "corrupt politicians" with badges that call themselves "INTERNAL AFFAIRS"! This type of corruption within Customs should NOT be tolerated and needs to be EXPOSED!!! " (unsigned)

New Archives
Click on any story to view it.

"Delayed Bribe"

(from the website )

Customs Self Service Boat Reporting Update

Customs boat reporting system updates. Still no changes! This comes from a loyal Customs employee that really cares about what is going on. Bonner, are YOU listening? " Today, six months after 9/11, the "800" Boat Reporting phone is still in operation. The agency suspended the "Gate" program for aircraft, but allows anyone to use the free reporting system. This telephonic notification system is answered in northern New York, but calls also come in from Miami to the shores of the Great Lakes."(WHY?) " Staffing still has not come up to standards or what Congress wants & the "new" Customs recruits are being brought on at "two year" appointments,... not permanent. There are no sworn officers to even attempt to check these boats." (What???????) What's with that Mr. Bonner????? Why don't YOU get your act together Bonner!     

Drug War: 

Covert Money, Power & Policy: Interdiction

The 60 Great Conspiracies of All Time

Fiesta of Assassins

Featuring an International Cast of Characters

After Dirty Air-Dirty Money

Off-Shore Accounts & Drugs

Mexican Cartels and Their Integration into Mexican Socio-Political Culture

by Chris Eskridge
University of Nebraska

More Open Borders On Canadian/USA Border

Hiring Illegal Immigrants Reaches Epidemic Proportions. Here Is What You Can Do To Help.


The next time someone says they think you are exaggerating about "GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION", just show them this:


Destroying America As Easy As "A-B-C"

David Brito Garcia: Observer of West Texas


Mexican Tours

Chuck "Chuckles" Winwood goes into deep cover as a tour-guide in an effort to apprehend the infamous "Frito Bandito" corn-chip cartel. He has been giving guided border tours in hopes of detecting and capturing the Frito Lay Family's  mastermind as he smuggles an estimated $150.00 USC worth of corn-chips weekly by hiding them in the carry-on luggage of geriatric sight-seers who travel in and around the border on tour-busses. Chuck plans to retire after this intense man-hunt as he says,"I can't take the pressure any more."


Official Portrait of Senator Grassley

Congress Probes Punishment of INS Whistle-blowers

WASHINGTON ö A Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration is questioning the Immigration and Naturalization Service's decision to discipline two Border Patrol agents for publicly pointing out weaknesses in security along the U.S. border with


Following a plea agreement set out by the Justice Department, a federal judge sentenced a former U.S. Customs agent supervisor to the maximum allowable time in prison for helping smuggle marijuana over the border. Read This Story


Man wins right to sue U.S. government over pot car

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- A Mexican national may sue the U.S. government for selling him a car with a hidden load of marijuana, and then arresting him when he tried to cross the U.S.-Mexico border in it, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.


John Carman Files Groundbreaking Lawsuit

John Carman, Customs Agent/Whistleblower, has filed a lawsuit that has the law enforcement community buzzing!

Update: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals creates problem for lawsuit and John must now take his case to the Supreme Court.

 (Read the daring charges and understand that he means business)


Missing Something?

For references and past articles, go to our archive pages.


These articles have been moved to Archives Page-1
  • Bounties Of $200,000 Said Placed On Border Agents Wires 12-20-1

  • FBI, CIA want agents in T.O. Raids after Sept. 11 raise fears of established terror cells. By TOM GODFREY, TORONTO SUN
  • Closer Look at Exports Urged Customs Lists Items of Potential Use to Terrorists

  • U.S. Seeks Safe Border With Mexico

  • Accused drug lord arrested in Mexico

  • Mexico Police Probe Mystery Corpse

  • Arellano-Felix Crime Family

  • Two Baja Officers Held After Port Chase

  • Security Compromised By Mechanical Train Inspections

  • Bill would give federal whistle-blowers right to sue employers if punished

  • More help sought for those who blow whistle

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  • Customs Service Unveils Strategy to Uncover Terrorism Materials

  • Customs considers changing inspections on Canadian border

  • President wants 24% hike in spending on border security

  • An Anonymous Letter To


  • PROMIS Trail Leads to Justice

  • PROMIS Spins Web of Intrigue

  • Nothing Is Secret

  • Canadian Border Open to Terrorists

  • Police Yourself Policy 

  • Senator calls for U.S. border checks inside Canada

  • Terror cell `had base in Canada'

  • Train trouble

  • Felonies If Anyone Retaliates Against Government Agents or Witnesses

  • A DIFFERENT BEAT: A Coast Guard unit from St. Petersburg, Fla.,

  • Raids bust heroin ring from Mexico

These Articles Have Been Moved To Archives Page-3

  • Billions Worth Of Drugs Entered U.S. Through Tunnel

  • DEA Confirms Capture of Benjamine Arellano-Felix

  • Frank Serpico and Darlene Catalan appear at "Whistle-Blowers" convention.


Jamie Dettmer Speaks Out On A Host Of Customs Corruption Issues

Read The Dettmer Papers

 This is an anonymous letter from a veteran Customs official here in San  Diego talking about nepotism and preferential treatment that is causing a serious MORALE problem in the world's largest land border inspection  station, San Ysidro.    

This is just one more exampleof the type of people we have in charge of a  Customs border inspection station and Customs Headquarters does NOTHING about it.

Prisoner of Oskar


Editor note: After the unexplained disappearance of the article Sweet Home Alabama from our website we are pleased to have obtained a copy of the original article and Re-post here for you

11/17/2004  Sweet Home Chicago- Who is Dick Roster?

11/17/2004  Sweet Home Chicago Part 2- Who is Keith Pugh?

Editor note: This article was scheduled for archiving and a new situation was to be posted to

THE BOX this week, but because of threatening letters to the editor from Ms. Tischler's attorney and demand notices sent to myself and our Web hosting service, we chose to leave this feature up and add to it any new developments.
Perhaps the most telling thing is that all Ms. Tischler had to do was to contact us and we would gladly post any rebuttals to the allegations made by our sources. She is a public official that chooses to speak through her lawyer, we speak through this public website. 
In the interest of fairness, we wish to present both sides of this issue. Since the only contact we have with Ms. Tischler is through her attorney, we have published the demand letters that clearly state her lawyers opinion that the allegations made by our sources were false.
We have edited the article below in a nod to Ms. Tischler's attorney, but the overwhelming volume of the allegations (and support from current customs agents) demand we share this information.

Special Treatment: I have personally checked with reliable government sources and former government agents with Customs Internal Affairs contacts. They all allege that Assistant Customs Commissioner Bonni G. Tischler was caught several times while driving a government vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Ms. Tischler was never arrested.

These in-the-know government sources also allege that Ms. Tischler received a 30 day suspension for her 2nd or 3rd offense -- in sharp contrast to penalties inflicted on others that were fired or removed from the Customs Service after their 1st offense. What's up with that Bonni?

According to these government sources, Ms. Tischler was also allowed to take her suspension one day a week as an extra day off, while other agents, had to take an immediate 45 day suspension in consecutive days off for stopping off to pick up some milk for the kids as an example of improper use of a government vehicle. (That's a lot of money to take away from a family that has minor children and bills to pay isn't it Ms. Tischler? Why are you so special? Don't you have family to support?)

According to Customs Service sources, the reason why Ms. Tischler gets special treatment is because she caught one of her associate assistant Customs Commissioner's Chuck Winwood (see Chuckles Winwood) in a "compromising position" with a Customs employee while on the job and receiving tax payers money. 

And in an even more shocking allegation, our government sources tell us that Ms. Tischler herself was caught having sex with a government informant who was involved in a narcotics case.

Now further investigation points to the existence of video tape footage that has been forwarded to Customs Headquarters showing proof of these allegations. The publisher has additional statements from other current and former agents -- some of them presently assigned to the Internal Affairs office. These allegations all speak to the existence of this video tape, and the editor of is attempting to acquire a copy as further proof.

There are now nine corroborating sources reporting to in regards to these allegations. They all agree that the information appearing here is "common knowledge" in that agency. We are still awaiting a rebuttal (or denial) of any specific allegations from Ms. Tischler.

What kind of role model is Customs purporting to have in Ms. Tischler?

Is this just another example of how Customs protects it's managers.

If this is acceptable behavior, then rewrite the "Customs Table of Offenses" to include ALL Customs Employees and not just Customs Management.

Everyone in or out of Customs is getting sick and tired of this double standard! It needs to stop now!

More to come.................

Word just in that Customs Internal Affairs agents are not only trying to force Customs employees to take a polygraphs in Chicago (see Sweet Home... Chicago?), but that they are also visiting certain Customs employees homes to make copies of their personal computer's hard drives.

How much tax payer's money is being spent on this "Witch Hunt" ?

Have they gone Mad or what!?


Customs Headlines


Robert C. Bonner Hearing for New Customs Commissioner

  U.S. Customs Service Views Security as Priority

Rudy Camacho is NOT who you think he is.

Camacho is also a named defendant in my civil rights lawsuit. 
( 00CV1215 JM (LSP)

Camacho violated my First Amendment Rights back in 1994 for talking to another retired Customs employee. I was also "ordered" not to talk to this retired employee. No reason was given except that if I talked to this employee, it was assumed I was talking to the NEWSMEDIA. Why do you think Camacho wants to prevent a Customs employee from talking to the newsmedia??? Learn More on the HOT SHEET

  UPDATE 1/24/04: Rudy Camacho retired in late December 2003 or early January 2004

Subject: Customs Overtime Money - Costing Rudy Camacho $100,000.00 - When Deleted was the union steward at DELETED from 1989 to 1990 Deleted filed a grievance on behalf of the inspectors for the TDY money they were owed under 5USC and the union contract. Read this letter on the Hot Sheet 

And Another Letter: "In light of the Promis/Inslaw articles in Insight Magazine recently, I would like to suggest the possibility of Promis connection to some of your favorite personalities." Read this letter on the Hot Sheet - PROMIS Trail Leads to Justice

This just in from the White House...

11/17/2004  Sweet Home Chicago- Who is Dick Roster?

11/17/2004  Sweet Home Chicago Part 2- Who is Keith Pugh?

  Miami Herald: Whistle-blower Customs Agent Suspended 
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  "Annonymous" letter written to Senator Charles Grassley? 
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New World Order - Infolords, exposing the New World Order Scam

Customs employees confront culture of reprisal - 2001-05-07 - San Antonio Business Journal.

Last Month's The "BOX": Charles "Chuckles" Winwood - It is obvious "Acting Customs Commissioner" Charles "Chuckles" Winwood does have a sense of humor after all. I hope he can appreciate these rare photos of himself while taking part in a "Southwestern" theme luncheon at Customs Headquarters in Washington, D.C. in 1994. (How come nobody else got the word and "dressed up" Mr. Winwood?)

Dennis Murphy, assistant commissioner of Customs' Office of Public Affairs, declined to comment on the case. To read past articles in this series, go to:

Customs record-fraud charges under review by U.S. Attorney - 2001-03-19 

Ex-Customs Agent Says U.S. Ignored Evidence

  Former Customs Internal Affairs Assistant Commissioner Homer J. Williams on trial as scheduled starting Tuesday February 27, 2001 in Federal Court in the Southern District of California in San Diego. (Later Acquitted - See Trial Notes in Archive.)

"Secret" Indictment & Arrest Warrant

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Ed Note: (Ongoing Case we covered earlier this year: Customs official faces perjury counts )


Customs agents accused of abusing power - 2001-01-22 - San Antonio Business Journal

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Win at all costs

U.S. Rep. Cunningham's Son Charged With Drug Trafficking

Congressional Family Drug Offenders: Escape Mandatory Sentences, Get Favorable Treatment

News Briefs & Topics: Public Figures & Drugs

Customs Commissioner Steps Down: Raymond W. Kelly farewell speech

Customs accused of abusing power Whistleblowers claim reports shredded, drug-bust records made up - BY BILL CONROY

US CA Cocaine Seizures At Border Nearly Double Fiscal 1999

Surprise check uncovers 1,018 pounds of marijuana hidden beneath five railway cars

  "U.S. Customs Overflight List" by John H. Heinrich, District Director.

John Hensley News Followup

Retired Customs RAC agent Mark Conrad is in the running for the Customs Commissioner position according to reliable sources.

U.S. Customs Service Admits Drug Corruption

The Document Trail...

Serious Mismanagement and Misconduct in the Treasury Department, Customs Service, and other Federal Agencies, and the Adequacy of Efforts to Hold Agency Officials Accountable: This Federal document shows that the government will do nothing as far as indicting high ranking management with connections. This former Customs director got off easy just because he retired immediately after he found out he was under investigation. The case was closed "administratively" by the Regional OIG, or Treasury Inspector General  Western Region.My Letter to Senator Diane Feinstein regarding "illegal" overflight list

Illegal Drug Use By Customs Employees - The whole story with graphic documentation!

Response from Deputy Assistant Attorney General John C. Keeney to an attorney who represented Customs whistleblowers in San Diego. 

Subpoena to appear before Grand Jury - Invitation to briefing with US Attorney to prepare for Grand Jury testimony.

Rudy M. Camacho Letter to Senator Feinstein regarding John Carman's whistleblower status. - Here is a letter by Customs CMC Director Rudy M. Camacho to U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein regarding the retaliation and whistleblower status of constituent and Customs employee John A. Carman.
Subsequent to that letter and many previous other communications, Customs fired John Carman on June 19, 1997 for failing to take a demotion/transfer to a desk job in a "non-law enforcement" capacity NOT related to his 20 years law enforcement training, background and expertise.
To this date Senator Diane Feinstein has done nothing to protect Customs whistleblowers. Customs managers continue to retaliate against Customs whistleblowers.

More FALSE Promises to Customs Agents by U.S Attorney's Office - This is another example of the LIES by one of Janet Reno's U.S. Attorney's office requesting information on Customs corruption. Information and examples of corruption were disclosed in exchange for protection for Customs whistleblowers who tried to expose corruption in 1994. Protection was never provided to these whistleblowers. Any of the Customs whistleblowers who talked to the U.S. Attorney's office were later retaliated against and have received documented death threats. Even though there are laws that are supposed to protect whistleblowers, there is no protection under the law for those that try to do their jobs. ~John Carman

click here UPDATE: Ex-Customs Service Inspector Sentenced. - This is a update to a story we covered in September of this year. Go to Original Story 
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                                                                                   Photo: Jorge Hank-Rhon and Jerry B. Martin (now deceased) 

Customs Corruption Archives

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Less than 30 days after I was ordered NOT to put Jorge Hank-Rhon's name into the TECS computer on look out, an incident occurred.
I was going over my notes and remember an incident where some Customs co-workers of mine were involved in seizing over $200,000 cash (SI-Guyard G. Williams & SI-Andrew Aldana) and a jet plane from Jorge Hank-Rhon for not declaring it to Customs officials. This is not the first time this has occurred at Brown Field/Otay Mesa.(1994-1995)
I remember the inspectors who were present, but only one person will come forward to confirm this locally.(Jay Erdmann USC-Ret) The other inspectors are retired and out of the area. One other is local, but afraid because of Jorge Hank-Rhon.
Jerry Martin personally called on behalf of then Customs district director Alan J. Rappoport(retired and living in San Diego) and ordered the plane and over $200,000 cash released. This is against the law and against Customs policies. This incident also came after I was ordered NOT to put Jorge's name into the TECS computer system. Alan J. Rappoport still has connections to Jorge Hank-Rhon as did Jerry Martin before he passed away on or about September 23, 2003. John "Jack" Maryon is also retired and living here locally working as a courier.
Customs Corruption staff now has proof that Janet Reno lied and is protecting Jorge Hank-Rhon. Jorge is "apparently" lying or seriously forgot and has been stopped with about $200,000 that he did NOT declare and Customs managers covered for him. According to Mexican and American sources,  Jorge Hank-Rhon "allegedly" gave then Customs DD Alan J. Rappoport a brand "new" Cadillac to thank him for getting him out of trouble with the undeclared $200,000 at Brown Field.
 Customs Corruption staff members have also talked to various sources and confirmed a Latin-American source who "allegedly" delivered the brand new vehicle to Alan J. Rappoport then.(This information has only come to light in the last 3 months or so)  
Jay Erdmann will go on the record about this and back me up on that particular incident as well.
Customs Corruption staff.


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